A New Embroidery Machine for My Store

Ricoma Embroidery Machine

I am so excited about getting a new embroidery machine for my store! I’ll be replacing my home embroidery machine with a better, upgraded commercial embroidery machine. The new embroidery machine is a ten-needle Ricoma Embroidery Machine. It is scheduled to ship in the second week of March and will ( continue reading… )

Why Do You Need a Professional Tailor?

Iberville Charter Academy team Hawks

Regardless of the circumstances, everyone should have a person they can rely on to fix, alter, or even make apparel fit properly. This is why having a professional tailor one phone-call away will ensure you are never caught scrambling for that special occasion.

Grand Opening!

Kim’s Tailoring store

The time has come for our Grand Opening on August First! I am so excited I could hardly sleep. We have been working so hard trying to take an empty store and develop it into a place that can provide miracles for some people and repairs for others.   The ( continue reading… )